Oracle Workshop | Candle "A Winter's Night Dream" Fir tree, Black spruce, Cedar and Bergamot, Malachite

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🕯 Candle with essential oils
💖Handmade in the Vosges

The "A Midsummer Night's Dream" candle is a limited edition specially designed to evoke the atmosphere of a walk in a Nordic forest in the heart of winter. It mixes malachite stones and rock crystal chips, a symbol of ice and light, with essential oils of Siberian fir, black spruce, cedar and bergamot.

Malachite is a stone of transformation that helps to soothe fears and anxieties. The shard of rock crystal that accompanies it carries within it the embodiment of light. These two stones will guide your way through the cold winter days and bring you renewal and confidence.

The candle is sprinkled with lichen and fir needles collected in the Vosges forests, a symbol of the renewal of life, as are juniper berries.

Small: 60 ml: 15 hours of combustion

Medium: 120 ml: 25 hours of combustion

Large: 180 ml: 35 hours of combustion