Mini horticultural lamp BionicSpot Onyx 5000K - BionicLed

bionicSpotlight 5000K based on Samsung LM301H LEDs.

The 5000K cold light of this spotlight is mainly used in the cutting and growth phase of your plants, but can also be used as support lighting for other types of plants throughout their development cycle.

Humidity -5% - 85%

Temperature -20 degrees/+45 degrees

Connection: E27

Other info

The BionicSpot has an all-aluminum body that provides efficient, passive, and quiet heat dissipation.

The E27 base of this spot allows it to be installed on a large number of lamps and classic supports

Connector: E27

Voltage: 220V

Length: 7cm

Width: 8cm

Height: 8cm

Weight: 250g

Caution :

- Do not look at the LEDs directly without eye protection

- Keep children away from this type of lighting

The BionicSpot is powered by 220V

Power and consumption

Rated power: 10W

Power consumption: 8-10W

maintenance tips

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