White Jungle - Handcrafted Speckled Leatherette Pendant

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Color Sand

Plant suspensions, in imitation leather, handmade by the designer White Jungle.
The pendant lights are handmade in Belgium with European materials.

They have been designed for indoor use. They are not resistant to bad weather or rain.
The pot and the plant are not sold with. Ceiling or wall fixings are not sold with.

The suspensions are designed to put a pot of + - 15cm in height.
The rope size is 50cm. But you can add a cable of the height of your choice.
You can create a beautiful ensemble by hanging different pendant lights and at different heights.
If you don't want to drill your ceiling, you can hang your suspension on a large nail on a wall, on a curtain rod,...

maintenance tips

Does your plant look gloomy? Are you lost? Do not hesitate to contact us on social networks so that we can guide you. The green thumb can be learned!