'Italian giant' flat-leaf parsley BIO | Alsagarden seeds

Giant Italian parsley 'Gigante d'Italia' (Petroselinum crispum) is an Italian variety that differs from common parsley in its wider leaves and taller stems.

Very fragrant and very productive, this Italian parsley is essential to bring a delicious note to your dishes, meats, soups or salads. Parsley, a condiment herb, is used fresh but can also be frozen and dried. It also has anti-bloating properties and stimulates digestion.

The aspect of the plants evokes the celery to be cut; they are particularly vigorous and their leaflets are much wider than average. They are also resistant to leaf diseases.

Easy to grow, parsley can be grown in the ground, in pots on terraces and balconies. Sowing from March to August. Before sowing, soak the seeds in water for a day to facilitate emergence, dry them and then sow.

maintenance tips

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