Vegetable garden fertilizer - GOLD Brown

👉 Granular fertilizer [ NPK 4-3-7 ]

🌱 Stimulates the growth of fruits and vegetables

💚 ORGANIC - made in France

For small fruit trees and vegetables of all kinds, the productions of the vegetable garden will be more beautiful and more abundant. Granular fertilizer is particularly suitable for planting in the ground to feed your plants as you water them.

- Increases the abundance of vegetable garden production (OR'ACTIV)
- Fertilizes the soil by the effect of micro-organisms
- Feeds fruits and vegetables with NPK fertilizer
- Stimulates the growth of fruits and vegetables (OR'ACTIV)

Place the vegetable garden fertilizer granules at the foot of the plant. Claw the soil to make the granules penetrate, then water. For plants with strong needs it is possible to mix a little fertilizer in the hole before transplanting the plants

maintenance tips

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