Common chives ORGANIC | Alsagarden seeds

Chives or Civet (Allium schoenoprasum) is an aromatic plant of the Amaryllidaceae family (formerly Liliaceae or Alliaceae), cultivated for its leaves often used as a condiment.

Perennial, it is easily grown in pots or on a window sill. Trim frequently to stimulate leaf growth. Frequently clean the plant of its dead leaves.

The fresh leaves are used, raw, chopped, to flavor raw vegetables, salads, and various culinary preparations. Cooked, they can also be used in certain recipes, sauces, omelettes... Chives are one of the ingredients of cervelle de canut. The flowers can advantageously be used for the decoration of salads or even dishes in sauce, they can also be preserved in vinegar like pickles but they then lose their color.

Sowing chive seeds in the spring in a draining substrate about 1 cm deep.
Rapid germination.
Aromatic plant of easy culture.